“Prayers, Mantras and Bhajans for Various Pujas” (Funerals, 13th day, 6th month and one year prayers, Pitar Paksha, Devi-Mother, Dee Baba, Kavady, Matkor and Katha and Jhandha prayers.

Pranaams, Namaste and Vanakkum Friends.

All glories to our eternal Parents Shree Radha-Krsna

and the wonderful servants of the Supreme Couple.

Thank you for remaining an uber awesome Hindu.

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The reason for compiling this article is to assist during the current Covid virus outbreak. I would like to humbly offer some advice to curb the spread of this virus while performing one’s pujas.

Firstly, until the virus has eased, consider inviting very few people to be present for the actual prayer — perhaps invite only the closest family members/friends to be present.

To further curb the spread of this virus and limit the number of people in attendance, consider eliminating the presence of a bhajan group. One option would be to engage a bhajan group virtually. I myself, have been conducting more and more prayers virtually, so I know that some bhajan groups are also trending in this direction.

Please note that it is not my intent to upset bhajan groups here, it is merely a suggestion to limit person to person interaction since this virus is still so highly contagious. However, if you are comfortable having a singing group present, then that is entirely up to you.

Since many prayers, funerals etc. are being limited here in South Africa, I’ve decided to compile a list to assist during a prayer. This list will include:

(a) suggested Vedic verses to read.

(b) prayers and mantras to chant.

(c) background music/videos/ to play on one’s cell phone or laptop.

Let’s all work together during this pandemic to curb the spread of this virus and keep us all alive and healthy.


CONTENTS in this article

Pages 2-5: FUNERALS: Opening prayers, chanting of mantras and singing bhajans, verses to read from various Vedic scriptures and finally mantras and bhajans to play relating to funerals.

Pages 6-7: 10 DAYS: Opening prayers and daily readings from various Vedic scriptures for the 10 days following a funeral, ending with chanting of mantras and bhajans.

Page 8-9: SHRADDHA PRAYERS: Prayers and Vedic mantras played for the 13th day, 6th month and one year prayers.

Page 9: Vedic mantras to play during PITAR PAKSHA and NEW MOON DAYS.

Pages 9-10 : Bhajans and mantras to play during DEVI-MOTHER PRAYERS.

Page 10: Bhajans to play during DEE BABA PRAYERS.

Page 10: Bhajans to play during KAVADY PRAYERS.

Pages 10-11: Songs and bhajans to play during MATKOR PRAYERS.

Page 11: Songs, bhajans and Vedic mantras to play during KATHA AND JHANDA PRAYERS.

Page 12: Dipika’s Disclaimer.

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DISCLAIMER: Do note that Dipika is not affiliated to any Hindu group or organization. We at Dipika choose to remain an independent repository of spiritual advice. We appreciate that there are variances between organizations and humbly request that if our views differ from yours that you respect our decision not to conform to the prescripts of your particular organization. We remain committed to spiritual advice which is based on scripture.

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Never let the insecurities of an ignorant blemish the wholesome beauty you bring to those who depend on and appreciate you.

Have a super +ve happy day.

जय श्री राधा कृष्ण

Yours in the service of Sanatan Dharma

Narottam Das & Arjun Nandlal

T.N. ♥



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