Wedding Ceremony Rituals & Marriage Info.

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All glories to our eternal Parents Shree Radha-Krsna and the wonderful servants of the Supreme Couple.

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Please view the 31 PDF documents that are provided below for you to kindly read & learn more about our most beautiful religion.

1. Compatibility for couples

2. Engagement Ceremony

3. How to plan for a wedding ceremony?

4. Auspicious wedding dates in 2022 (South Africa)

5. Preliminaries to the Wedding Ceremony

6. Step by Step Explanation of the Full Wedding Ceremony

7a. A Basic Wedding Outline

7b. A Wedding Step-by-Step Time Guideline.

8. Sindhoor Daan Significance

9. The Seating Positions of a Wife During Prayers

10. How did marriage actually start in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism)? 

11. Tips on How To Make Your Marriage Successful

12. The Renewing of Ones Marriage Vows

13. Common marriage problems and how to solve these problems

14. Mantra for healing a strained married relationship

15. Hinduism on Divorce

16. Marriage Counseling in Hinduism

17. Hinduism on Remarriage

18. Delayed Marriage OR Why Can’t I get married?

19. Mantra for when a man seeks a good wife

20. Mantra for when a woman seeks a good husband

21. Hinduism’s views on Polygamy

22. Different Types of Marriage Rites in Hinduism

23. Manglik Dosha (The Negative effects of Mars in one’s chart) Remedies

24. The Hindu view on Dowry In a Hindu Marriage

25. Mixed Marriages and Inter Religious Marriages

26. Hinduism on Premarital and Extramarital Relationships

27. Questions and Answers on Weddings and Marriage

28. What a woman wants!!!

29. My personal opinion on Weddings in this day in age

30. Marriage jokes

31. Wedding Prayer from the Rig Veda

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When we give someone our time, we actually give a portion of our life that we will never take back. Our time is our life”

Never let the insecurities of an ignorant blemish the wholesome beauty you bring to those who depend on and appreciate you.

Have a super +ve happy day.

Yours in the service of Sanatan Dharma

Narottam das & Arjun Nandlal



3 Responses to “Wedding Ceremony Rituals & Marriage Info.

  • Hi, I’d just like to say that you’re website is very informative especially to me because i’m getting married and the knowledge that I’ve gained from reading the documents on the different types of rituals is invaluable to me! Thank you and keep adding to it!

    • NAmaste Alisha … Many thanks for your kind comments . i really appreciate the time you took to type it out. Kindly let others know abt Dipika so this free sacred knowledge can be spread to all corners of the globe.

  • Namaste Punditji, I am getting married in july this year there is a bit of conflict with this issue i’d really appreciate it if you could elaborate on it. My husband to be does not have an older married brother or cousin brother to perform the jhet act, who else can we get to perform the act for us?

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