DIPIKA’S Disclaimer.

Prem Namaste and Vanakkum Dosts/Friends…


All glories to our eternal Parents Shree-Shree Radha-Krsna and the wonderful servants of the Supreme Couple.

Thank U 4 remaining an awesome Hindu.

DISCLAIMER:- Do note that Dipika is not affiliated to any Hindu group or organization. We at Dipika choose to remain an independent repository of spiritual advice. We appreciate that there are variances between organizations and humbly request that if our views differ from yours that you respect our decision not to conform to the prescripts of your particular organization. We remain committed to spiritual advice which is based on scripture.

Our Humble Mission:

Break the barriers between faiths and promote unity in diversity.

Our website Dipika.org.za is not affiliated with any

religious group, organization or cult.


Jai hind

जय हिन्द

Yours in the service of Sanathan Dharma

Narottam das & Arjun Nandlal


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