Death & Funeral Rites

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Please view the 29 PDF documents that are provided below for you to kindly read & learn more about our most beautiful religion.

1. Suggested guidelines on what to do before death, upon death to disposing of the ashes

2.The Step by Step daily Pinda offerings and the 3rd-day food offerings to perform during the 10 days after the cremation of a deceased

3. The Significance of consuming boiled (and baked, etc) foods during the ten-day period after the death of a deceased

4. What procedures to follow during the 12-13th days after the cremation of a deceased

5. The whole journey from the 13th day to the 361st day to Yamaloka

6. The significance of the 6th month and 11 and half month prayers with regards to the death of a person

7. Can one perform prayers during the one year after a person dies?

8. Is the 3rd day havan after the death of a deceased mentioned in our scriptures?

9.The Significance of Urad Dal in Ancestor pujas

10. What is Havishyana?

11. Narayan Bali Rites – Prayer for an unnatural death

12. Narayan Bali Prayoga Vidhi In Devanagiri (Sanskrit) (For Pandits and Guru’s only)

13. Are females allowed to perform a funeral rite?

14. The Son-in-law w.r.t the Final Rites 

15. Claimants to the Last Rites

16. Rules of Impurity (Sutak)

17. Children Last Rites According to The Garuda Purana

18. The Last Rites Notes to print for the 13th-day prayers

19. The Imprints On The Ashes On The 10th Day After The Death of a Person

20. How did shraddha originate?

21. Garuda Purana on Ghosts and Their Effects on People

22. If two people die in the same family, what is the procedure?

23. Preta Loka (The world of the Spirits)

24. Hindu (Animal) Funeral Rites

25. Ancestor worship by other cultures

26. What prayers can be performed if there isn’t a body?

27. Useful verses from the Garuda Purana

28. Straight talk article On Death

29. Questions and Answers on DEATH.

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When we give someone our time, we actually give a portion of our life that we will never take back. Our time is our life”

Never let the insecurities of an ignorant blemish the wholesome beauty you bring to those who depend on and appreciate you.

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2 Responses to “Death & Funeral Rites

  • I need some advice , for the one year ceremony , the priest is asking for full set clothes , and other items , is this part of the one year ceremony

    • Namaste Prenisha . with due respect this priest is a nonsense
      this is ONLY offered in the Sapindi puja (13th days puja)

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