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Below we provide the most popular and most read PDF articles on DIPIKA in no apparent order. Kindly read and learn more about our most beautiful religion and what a blessing and honor it is to be a Hindu.

Hinduism’s views on Menstruation

The Importance of Fasting Saltless and Saltless Recipes

Adhik Maas (16th May to 13th June 2018)

Advice for Exams

Agnihotra – The sacred daily havan (step by step)

Alakshmi devi – The Elder sister of Lakshmi Devi (DIWALI)

AMBUBACHI-MELA – When the divine Mother performs her yearly Menstruation (22nd to 24th June)

Are you affected by Black Magic and Negative forces  http://dipika.org.za/are-you-affected-by-black-magic-and-negative-forces/

Arjun’s Hymn to Mother Durga

D-I-Y = BRAHM puja (Guru/Brihaspati dev puja)

Devya-padha-kshama-pana-stotram – by Adi Shankaracharya

D.I.Y Puja and Havan Proper – For all occasions

The BENEFITS one accrues when one observes a NAVARATRI vrat

Bandi Path and DIY Puja in English.

Beach Puja for Mother Ganga

Car Prayers (Vahan Puja)

Did Lord Raam forsake Mother Sita?

D.I.Y Durga Paath (Saptashati) Puja and Havan

Eclipses – How to observe an Eclipse if visible

Energy Vampires – How to counteract them?

Evil Eyes – How to nullify a Drishti Dosha (a.k.a Evil eyes, Nazar-Najar, etc)

Family values

Is an autopsy permitted in Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma)_

Go-Daan (It’s Significance and Importance)

The Gregorian New Year and Hinduism

House Entering Prayers (Griha Pravesha Puja)

Halwa Puri Puja for Ma Durga and Havan

Hanuman’s wedding anniversary to Suvarchala devi

Hayagriva (Lord) – The Lord of Education, Wisdom and Knowledge

The step by step setup of your HALWA PURI offerings to Devi (Durga/Bandi, etc…)

Hinduism on sex when observing a particular fast.

Hinduism’s views on Tattoo’s

How to set a tray for ones JHANDA puja and sweet-puri  offering to Shree Hanumanji

Is there any significance, or proof, of a “40 day” fast or period of observance in the Vedic culture?

Is an autopsy permitted in Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma)?

How to change your flag (Jhanda) and simple DIY puja and Havan without the assistance of a priest

Kannimaar Prayers – The Seven Fairies Prayers

Kali Mata Symbolic Bali (Non-blood) Daan Prayers

Kushmanda Devi – The Pumpkin Goddess worshipped on the 4th day of Navaratri

Lord Shiva’s 16 Mondays (2022) of fasting

Lord Dattatreya (The incarnation of the Divine Trinity Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva)

The LAKSHMI LAMP – Its Significance and Importance in Hinduism

Mantra to Remove Ghosts or the Fear of Unwanted Spirits

Measles – It’s Significance in Hinduism

Mother Kali Symbolic Bali (Non-blood) Daan Prayers

MUMPS and its significance in Hinduism

Mixed Marriages and Inter Religious Marriages

Naageshwari Devi (The Mother of all snakes)

Narayan Bali Rites – A Prayer for an unnatural death


On which wrist should the red string be tied on?

Organ Donation – from a Hindu Perspective

Peepal tree Prayers (for marriage and other problems in your life)

Pitar – Matru Dosha Remedies.(Ancestral curses)

Pitar Paksha food (recipes) offerings guide and what is or isn’t appropriate to offer in this period to one’s ancestors

Pradosham The day to remove bad karma in one’s life

Procedures to clear and protect oneself from Negative forces

Rhot, Halwa Puri, Panjeri and Suji recipes

SALT and its importance in Hinduism

Saturnalia Festival (17th – 25th December)

Satyanarayan puja DIY

Shakambhari Devi

Shanidev’s prayers to Lord Nrsimhadeva

Shree Caitanya Mahaprahu prayers to Lord Shiva


The Difference Between Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna



The significance of carrying the Gargum for the Divine Mother

The Importance of Dhaar and Halwa Puri in Devi Puja

The Importance of Fasting Saltless and Saltless Recipes

The Importance of Seedha-Daan and what should be given-gifted to the priest or Guru

The Significance of a Foundation Prayer (Vaastu Puja)

The Significance of the performance of nagara or pachra music after a Devi Puja

The significance of the three main food offerings prepared for Amma in Aadi Madham?

The Significance of Urad Dal in Ancestor pujas

The Untold pastimes of the Ramayan PART 1 OF 2

The Untold pastimes of the Ramayan PART 2 OF 2

Vaibhava Lakshmi Vrata (2022 dates)

Verse by verse benefits of the Hanuman Chalisa

Urmila Devi – The Unsung heroine of Ramayana

Wedding anniversary of Suvarchala and Hanuman

What prayers to do when a loved one is in hospital or ill.

When plucking Tulsi leaves what mantras to be chanted and prayers to performed.

Widows and their place in Hinduism

Widows (FAQ’S) and their place in Hinduism

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We have no right to ask when a sorrow comes “Why did this happen to me? ” Unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way. (Lord Raam to Shree Lakshman-ji)

When we give someone our time, we actually give a portion of our life that we will never take back. Our time is our life”

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