Which Direction should the Yoni on the Lingam point – NORTH or SOUTH?

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Which Direction should the Yoni on the Lingam point – NORTH or SOUTH?

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The Lingam consists of Lord Shiva’s PHALLUS in Mother Parvati’s YONI hence CREATION. While the Phallus point upwards towards the sky, what has been a topic of debate is to which direction should the yoni be pointing. NORTH or SOUTH?

Good question. One must understand that the Vedic culture has many schools of thoughts each expounding their ideologies (originating from their particular Rishi) and it would be rather impervious and foolish to consider that one school of thought is better than the other. As the saying goes “many rivers flows towards the ocean or all paths leads to God”. Taking this into consideration most Hindu temples around the world have their LINGAM’s spout pointing towards the South direction. This is one school of thought. And then according to Agama Shastra, the LINGAM’s spout should be pointing the North or East direction. The sacred Ganga River flows from the north to south direction, but in Varanasi (the oldest city on this planet and a place that’s very dear to Lord Shiva), it changes its course from south to north. This is understood to pay respects to Lord Shiva.


Yoni pointing North            Yoni pointing South

Additional information:

Another point to note why does the Vaishnava’s chant the Maha Mantra starting with HARE KRSNA while the Divine Life Society, Rama Krishna movement etc start the Maha mantra with HARE RAMA. These are two Schools of Thoughts. So both are correct the latter is mentioned in the Kali-Santarana Upanishad, while the former mantra was changed by the Lord Himself as Shree Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu 530+ years ago. He is the Supreme Lord. No one can question him.

Should the above be confusing? Hmmm NOPE. Remember we are aware of just two ways that Lord Ganesh lost his head viz. Lord Shiva decapitating him and Shanideva half looking at him and his head was burnt to ashes. But there are 25 other ways (one for every Maha Yuga) which we don’t know how Lord Ganesh lost his head. That is whats amazing about Sanatan Dharma. Its just freaking awesome.

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