Vitamin N deficiency in children – By Bhaktin Geshy Singh

Vitamin N deficiency in children”


Luv and Kush with the most ideal Mother of all – Srimati Sita-Devi (Lord Raam’s wife)

Jon Rossemond of uploaded an amazing video recently and as a doting mummy to a four-year-old toddler, I must admit I am sometimes guilty of not supplying my son with Vitamin N!

Correct values and skill should be instilled in our children from as young as possible so that they grow to be sound and able in making proper financial and personal decisions, which will ultimately determine their quality of life. Vitamin N refers to the simple yet powerful word NO! He speaks about how parents want to give their children the very best they can materially and ensure their children have everything they lacked to ensure they are ‘happy!’

However the danger in over providing luxuries to children is that the more they have; the less likely they are able to experience emotions of appreciation and gratitude because these luxuries become so common.

He speaks of how over indulgence in itself leads to tendencies of addiction. Children are misled to believe that they can get what they want without sacrifice, hard work or effort. This can lead to self-destructive habits in the long run.

He also explains how in the 1950’s although children received far less materially, they have far healthier frames of mind than children of today who suffer from various emotional issues and the rate of depression and addiction, etc. have sky rocketed in recent decades. Children deserve better than being brought up with the ‘something for nothing’ fairy tale.

They deserve love, attention and mostly direction and life skills to equip them to become balanced and healthy minded adults. Exercising the word NO when they dictate their ‘wants’ instead of expressing ‘needs’, builds character.

If a parent gives in to the whining, manipulation and tantrums, it’s more likely to cause harm than good. Even as a society in general we have become more and more materialistic, less hard working and burdened with debt all because of not having the maturity and intelligence to make sensible money decisions due to greed.

So for this holiday, let’s make an earnest effort to supply our children with more and more Vitamin N and love and attention to create a healthier minded future generation of individuals!

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Never let the insecurities of an ignorant blemish the wholesome beauty you bring to those who depend on and appreciate you.

Have a super +ve happy day.

जय श्री राधा कृष्ण

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