D.I.Y Durga Paath (Saptashati) Puja and Havan

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D.I.Y Durga Paath (Saptashati) Puja and Havan

The article consists of 55 pages of pure amrita (nectar), including pictures and recipes.

Contents in this article

Page 2: Introduction

Pages 2-8: Ganesha puja to Durga Devi Puja (including Halwa Puri and the hoisting of the 9 small Jhandi’s {red flags})

Pages 6-7: Offerings of lime garland, lime water and lime lamp to Durga Devi

Page 8: What food offerings to prepare for the Durga Devi puja.

Pages 9-11: Shree Artha Argala Stotram

Pages 11-47: Devi Mahatmya (chapters 1-13)

Pages 47-49: The cutting of the different fruits, vegetables and pumpkin to be offered as Symbolic-Daan to Devi.

Pages 50-52: Durga Devi Havan

Pages 52-53: Durga Devi Aarti.

Page 54: Seven articles of interest pertaining to this article.

Pages 54-55: Dipika’s disclaimers

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