A Quick view FEBRUARY Festivals and Puja Dates handout.

A Quick view FEBRUARY Festivals and Puja Dates handout.

This blog-styled page is a quick link to all the prayer dates etc. for this month of FEBRUARY 2018. We created this page as a quick link for those that consider time a luxury. I would suggest printing the first two pages and have it pasted on your fridge door or a convenient frequently passed by place at your home or work place.

The link to most articles are provided below…


The 7 articles are:-

1) Vijaya Ekadashi = 11th February

2) Vishnupati = 12th February

3) Maha Shiva-ratri = 13th February

4) New Moon (Amavasya) offerings to one’s Ancestors =  15th February

5) PARTIAL SOLAR Eclipse  = 15th February

6) Amalaki Ekadashi = 26th February

7) Does the 29th of February have any significance in Hinduism?


Auspicious wedding dates in February 2018.

February:- 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25

Auspicious Friday date to commence a Lakshmi Vrata in February 2018.

February:- 16th , 23rd

Auspicious conception dates to conceive in February 2018.

February:- 16th – 28th

Panchak           (The inauspicious period when death occurs) in the month of February.

FEBRUARY:- Commences on 15th @ 17h05 and ends 20th @10h36.

MOOL & NEW MOON (AMAVASYA) DATES FOR FEBRUARY (The most inauspicious days for a baby to be born in).


:- Starts 9th    @ 21h57 Ends 12th @ 03h13 (Jyeshtha – Moola Nakshatra’s).

:- Starts 19th  @ 10h22 Ends 21st @ 12h50 (Revati – Ashwini Nakshatra’s).

:- Starts 28th  @ 07h45 Ends 2nd  March @ 00h55 (Ashlesha-Magha Nakshatra’s)

New Moon begins on the 14th @ 21h16 and ends on the 15th @ 23h03. New Moon night will fall on the 15th . New Moon will rule the 15th

Griha Pravesha February dates (The most auspicious dates for one to move into a new  house)      :-  16th – 28th

Durga Paath Puja dates for February (The most auspicious dates for one to perform a Durga Paath/Saptashati/Chandi homa).

February:- 7/8 , 9 , 14 , 23 , 24 , 28

Chaturthi February Date (Lord Ganesh’s devotees invoke his blessings to rid themselves of problems and impediments in their life and bring prosperity, happiness and fulfillment of desires).



03        February (Saturday)       21:09          21:20            22:02

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Trayodashi  = February Dates 2018.

Pradosha Puja Time

12 February (Monday) Pradosh Vrat (K) 18h41 to 20h53
27 February (Tuesday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 18h27 to 20h43

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